Apple Repairs

For MacBook & iMac repair visit Truro Computer Services

At the Apple and Android Repair Centre we provide screen and device repairs for all Apple mobile devices including iPhone’s, iPad’s and iPod’s.

For the majority of Apple devices we offer two grades of screen dependent on your budget, high quality copy and Apple original, all screens are sourced from main distributors, we do not use cheap low quality copies from dubious sources.

All repairs (except water damage repairs) include a full 6 month Warranty.

Repairs include:

  • Cracked or Broken Screen
  • Glass
  • Buttons
  • Home Button
  • Logic Board
  • Headphone Socket
  • Dock Connector
  • Charge Port
  • Keyboard, Chassis and Cases
  • Water Damage




The Apple & Android Repair Centre

Based in Truro Cornwall here at The Aarc we can repair and replace almost every component within all Apple and Android devices